About Me

About me: I'm a special-situation, mostly long-term investor with a bias for value, dividend and real estate investments. Special-situation is a bit vague, but the way I define my investment style is taking advantage of opportunities where the crowds have not been yet. I prefer to take my time and find hidden value in unlikely places or unlikely times. That means I'm always a bit contrarian and I'm always looking for the unconventional.

Nonetheless, my portfolio is filled with household names such as KO, JNJ and PG. These names might not sound "special" or "unlikely", but I typically buy them when they are out of favor.

I do fundamental research on every security I buy -- meaning I look at the numbers behind the companies, bonds, funds or properties. Sometimes it's as simple as crunching a half-a-dozen numbers. Sometimes it's a deeper analysis.

While I read other blogs and appreciate the opinion of others, ultimately I believe that investing my money is about making my own decisions and thinking for myself. Hardly ever there is money to be made by following crowds. Being an independent thinker has helped me avoid some traps (though, I've made plenty of mistakes on my  own as well).

About the name: EPIC INVESTOR -- Eduardo Pinheiro's Investment Concepts. :-)

I also write about entrepreneurship, business, health and other random stuff on my personal blog edpin.com.

You can follow me on Google+ or on my Twitter feed @pinhe1ro.